Matthew Bieschke
Publisher: Curiosity Factory Publishing
Pages: 354

Part Divorce Story. Part Marriage Story. Part Genetic Engineering Sci-Fi Story. Together it all adds up to one wholly gripping tale!Watch the Book Trailer here - predator has lured Dusk there and now lurks in the shadows as well as in plain sight. This predator pursues him even if he doesn’t know it yet for reasons that are alien to him. The events set in motion by the divorce of his parents have put him on a collision course with mortality. If he doesn't deal with his family secret soon, lives are going to be at stake.Dusk will discover that he can't beat this nemesis alone. Dawn is more comfortable with death than he is and will probably ever be. She works at a morgue after all, playing with the dead all day. Her curiosity makes her good at her job but also a danger to herself as well as others. She used to live away from her parents but has recently ...
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