Amy Patrick
Publisher: Oxford South Press
Pages: 222

Abigail Byler is a resolute pacifist. And a vampire. Believing she can never be with the guy she loves and knowing she doesn’t fit in at the Crimson Court, Abbi has left the hills and caverns of Virginia for California. Working now for the Vampire-Human Coalition, she hopes to make the best of the unexpected turn her life has taken.That’s easier said than done when her heart still longs for her first love, Reece—and when tensions between humans and vampires in America are rapidly increasing.The last thing Abbi intends to do is return to the Bastion—it’s too dangerous for her there—in every way. But when her life takes another shocking twist, she may have no other choice than to make the perilous cross-country journey and face the vampire who turned her—and the one she still loves.This time, though, she won’t be alone. And the vampire queen of the Crimson Court is not going to like it ...
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