Alex Grass
Publisher: Dickinson Publishing Group
Pages: 356

Eddie Marivicos is trapped in a cycle of exploitation. And his daddy likes it that way. He was brought up by his father Papa Marivicos to work in the family carnival. Papa is a cruel man who runs his show like a labor camp. When it comes to the Marivicos Summerlong Carnivalé Festival, the show must go on… at any and all costs. Eddie has recently been “gifted” with the ability to hear others’ thoughts; to him, it’s a supernatural horror story that he cannot escape—a curse. Dubbed “second sight”, this condition propels Eddie to local stardom, and for Papa, Eddie becomes the goose that laid the golden egg. But there are other opportunists who would make use of Eddie’s powers for their own personal gain. As other people from Kayjigville come into Eddie’s orbit—the mafia, and a greedy businesswoman who resurrects her fortunes after being disgraced—their fates become ...
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