Harper B. Cole
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 98

Not all Christmas presents come tied up in a bow.Omega Prince Linden is poised to be king of Frostbourg, the Christmas Capital of the world. His life is filled with Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas, but never the Christmas magic he has grown up hearing about. At least he’s not the one being forced to marry a total stranger based on some stupid bloodline match. Nope, that is left for his twin sister. Being the loving brother he is, Linden offers to help her out of the predicament. What’s the worst that could happen?Alpha Jasper Snow feels like he has Christmas in his blood—it’s even in his name—but he’s stunned when a DNA test proves him right. Suddenly, instead of spending a miserable Christmas alone with nobody but Blitzen, the adorable dog he can barely afford to feed, Jasper finds himself on an all expense paid, dream trip to Frostbourg, by invitation of the Queen herself. ...
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