Damon L Johnson
ASIN: B08KH2P629
Publisher: SoFL Excellence Academy
Pages: 147

Are you sick and tired of seeing inflation eat away at your buying power, while at the same time making the Rich get richer and the Poor get poorer? If so, do you want to learn more about Bitcoin? In this easy to understand, resource-filled book, Damon L Johnson guides you through his personal 26-month journey into the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He encourages early adoption of Bitcoin, as a way to thrive within the rising digital asset economy. In this book, you will discover:The 7 Superpowers of BitcoinThe Bitcoin communityBasic history and origin of Bitcoin3 problematic issues facing mass adoption of Bitcoin3 Key solutions to level the playing field in the 21st century digital asset economyAfter you have read this book and download the free companion guide, Rabbit Hole Resource Guide, you will be able to empower yourselves to choose whether you want to be a part of the ...
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