Ethan Westfield
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 340

Nate Keegan spent ten years of his life locked up in a prison cell, convicted of a crime he never committed. Being totally isolated, behind bars, he discovers the treatment for a deadly disease, which will make him amass a great fortune. When he is finally released from jail, he vows to track the evil criminals who framed him. Desperate to seek vengeance, it will take all of his skills to unravel the enigma of the terrible betrayal. But little does he know that his enemies were right before his eyes all along... What is he willing to risk in order to take the revenge he's dreamt of for years?While trying to turn a new page in life, Nate will buy a pharmacy in his hometown where a bright, young employee, Jackie, will steal his heart. Although they get off to a rough start , Nate soon finds in her a willing partner to investigate and dig out the truth behind this terrible downfall. Will ...
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