Kathrin Narrell
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 162

Lose Weight and Feel Better with The Anti-Inflammation CookbookAre you ready to melt off that weight, improve your health, and boost your metabolism without sacrificing taste and convenience?Have you tried out other diet plans in the past, and none of them are providing you with the benefits or the results that you are hoping for?Then keep reading, for we’ve got the book you’ve been looking for.A no-bullshit approach to making anti-inflammatory eating delicious and enjoyable whether you’re all out vegan or a meat-lover just looking to incorporate more dark leafy greens, fruits, nuts, fatty fish into your diet.Here is just a sample of what you get with this guide...An understanding of the benefits you can get from an anti-inflammatory dietReviewing the basic guidelines to fight inflammation and restore your healthy weightFoods you should eat and avoid if you want to be healthyCommon ...
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