Mary Kate Gulick
Publisher: unknown
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GET KNOWN FOR WHAT YOU KNOW BEST.In an era where anyone can claim "guru" status, it's time for real-deal experts to push their way up to the mic and reclaim airtime from the phoneys. The Real Deal is a simple, no-nonsense guide to building a personal brand, audience, and client base around your hard-earned expertise. Focused on genuine experts who are building businesses as consultants and coaches, content marketing veteran Mary Kate Gulick illustrates an A-to-Z process to create the kind of content quality and volume that create breakthrough business results ... without the expense of a marketing department or advertising agency.✓ Uncover what your ideal client really cares about and most needs to learn from you✓ Build out your brand messaging foundation to showcase your unique know-how and personality in a way that can't be replicated✓ Develop a solid content strategy that ...
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