Edward Collins
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 250

STRANGEST MYSTERIES OF THE WORLD AND BEYOND COMPILED IN ONE BOOKYou will be enthralled, amazed, confounded, stupefied and definitely stunned. I'm sure these mysteries will leave you a lot to think about, especially tonight, before you go to sleep.Humans have made a staggering amount of scientific and technological progress over the past century. We've created technology that has transformed our society; scientific advances have helped us answer fundamental questions about who we are and the world that we inhabit. And, yet, mysteries persist.Fortunately, our unfaltering will to uncover the world's mysteries has brought us closer to some answers than ever before. This book contains a long list of the Strangest Mysteries of the world and beyond.***60 mysteries included in this book***Part. 1 contains the following mysteries:**HIDDEN CITIES & LOST CIVILIZATIONS**-ATLANTIS-EL ...
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