M.D. Johnson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 43

The Broom Hilda sagas continue with an eighth book in the growing series entitled Broom Hilda & The Pumpkin Patch Caper Part 2, the sequel to part 1. Discover what will happen next, now that the pumpkins have been returned to their respective farms and Broom Hilda and Elroy have solved the mystery. This 36 page book is sure to enhance your child’s vocabulary, to include the following vocabulary enhancing words: scheduled, guilty, Elote, reluctant, carnival, bobbing, delicioso, crema, sprinkled, drizzle, dizzy, participant, instructed, elated, surface, scowl, voted, and indeed. It also showcases cultural diversity. This book features a multitude of colorfully detailed graphics from a plethora of diverse graphic artists for artistic diversity. Be sure to check out other Broom Hilda hits to include:Broom Hilda Goes House HuntingIntroduces your child to the wonderful world of real estate ...
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