Michelle Graham, Sarah Syms
Publisher: Michelle Lee Graham
Pages: N/A

Undefined is the inspiring story of a birth mom who showed true courage in the face of overwhelming tragedy.Teen pregnancy is never easy. When it is the result of pregnancy through rape, the public shame becomes even more unbearable. World-class lifestyle coach and visionary, Michelle Graham overcame her fear of the unknown and of those shaming her by holding onto her faith in dark times. She weathered the stormy family relationships that accompanied the teen pregnancy and pursued a Christian adoption. Her troubles were far from over, but she committed fully to being the best birth mom she could be. Undefined: More Than the Sum of My Losses focuses on Michelle’s experience with faith and her own coming of age: ◆ The ostracization of teen pregnancy◆ The struggles of pregnancy◆ The difficulty of separation involved in adoption◆ Learning to accept that people make decisions ...
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