Rob Norris
Publisher: Celebrity Publishers.
Pages: 401

EAT. PLAY. SLEEP.  Three Keys to Finding Your Younger Self Rob Norris had to admit it – it was time to slow down, or so he thought. It was a serendipitous encounter with a slightly far-out professor and a single idea he proposed that made Rob question his entire career as a health professional.In this book, ‘Eat. Play. Sleep’ he reveals how to identify and break the seemingly innocent modern habits that are making us age faster. Join Rob as he sorts through the enormous heap of health-related ‘facts’ flooding our screens and offers a few pearls that he had discovered. As his accomplice, you’ll learn how to develop simple daily practices around nutrition, exercise, and sleep that make you feel less tired, fitter, and happier.Rob will show you…How to get more and better sleepHow to tackle sleep debt and feel more restedHow to identify and treat sleep apnoea How to ...
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