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Masterpieces of science fiction short stories BOOK 2 written by Lamees Alhassar is a display of the most boundary-pushing, genre-blurring and creative-sophistication. By sending us to alternate universes and engaging with a wide spectrum of emotions from tenderness to fear, each of these stories challenge the way we see our place in the cosmos. Each story dazzles with ambition, striking style, and the promise of imagining the unimaginable. PLANET KLONGTH is part of the book MASTERPIECES OF THE BEST SCIENCE FICTION SHORT STORIES BOOK 2. The book has 10 short stories: 1. PLANET KLONGTH 2. THE GOLDEN PEN 3. MUTINY ON SHUTTLE X569 4. THE SACRIFICE5. STOWAWAYS 6. THE ASSASSINATION 7. JUST FOR HER8. A PRIMITIVE MIND 9. THE PAST AGAIN10. THE WRISTWATCH
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