Rayner Ye
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 189

YuFu is crazy about his new cyborg lover called Sonja, but the genius scientist—Frederica—abducts her.YuFu must adopt Sonja’s five-year-old and take her and his teenage daughter away from their fertile moon to live on another planet, seventeen light-years away.While there, Frederica airs a speech across Plan8's seven solar systems, exposing the leading-authority’s conspiracy which gave them the wealth and power to control the Alliance—an everlasting supply of diamonds, harvested from a gas giant.The Alliance is in turmoil, the military doesn’t know who to take orders from, and terrorists are taking advantage of the anarchy.YuFu discovers Frederica has done something terrible to Sonja. She intends to use her genetic code and amazing cyborg assemblies to conquer the galaxy. Will YuFu find Sonja when the secret service inserts a telepathy device into his brain? Or will it be too late to ...
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4.5 stars from 6 ratings
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