Katrina Kyle
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 137

It was only a silly dare. It wasn’t supposed to change everything…As the eldest sister, Meg Trudy feels the full weight of responsibility of running the family orchard after the death of her beloved father. To her utter dismay, she discovers the three-generation business isn’t doing as well as she supposed, and to make matters worse, her father’s safe contains secrets he has kept locked up for years. Unknowing of the financial ruin practically knocking at their door, the other Trudy sisters dare Meg to kiss a handsome stranger who just might be the key to turning their plum orchard around.When an anonymous client asks travel blogger Morris to write an incriminating article - and pays ridiculous money to do so - Morris arrives at Damson Acres determined to perform his work with a hard heart. He hadn't, however, been counting on a woman like Meg. As the deadline looms, he must decide if ...
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4.5 stars from 11 ratings
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