Alice Keynes
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 323

Do demons exist? Painter is alive and hungry, prowling through the tunnels and vaults beneath the ancient City of Edinburgh, seeking desperate, lonely human souls to feast upon. But after a century of murder, he is growing tired and weary. To enable him to fully regenerate, he needs one final soul. The soul of a gifted and pure psychic: one who can tread between two worlds and make his power complete. Make him immortal.Detective Inspector Chris West is jaded and world-weary. He thinks he has seen everything before and nothing he has encountered on the backstreets of the old City would surprise him. Until now. Baffled by the recent spate of strange murders, Chris is determined to bring the killer to justice. But confronting the killer will push Chris to the limit of his strength and ability and make him question everything he has ever believed in.And Tia Olsen, psychically gifted and ...
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