Ray Walker
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 154

Calling all San Francisco Giants fans!The Ultimate San Francisco Giants Trivia Book is a staple for anyone who loves baseball, sports trivia, and the G-Men.You will be tested on your knowledge of mind-blowing facts from not only the Giants of the City by the Bay, but also the Giants of New York.Learn about the legacies of Willie Mays and Willie McCovey and take a nostalgic look back at three World Series wins that dominated the early 2010s. Within these pages, you will find answers to over 350 trivia questions as well as hundreds of interesting facts, including:What kind of natural disaster interrupted the 1989 Bay Bridge World Series between the Giants and Oakland A’s?Although Willie McCovey has a whole cove named after him at Oracle Park, he never actually played there. He played for the Giants at Candlestick Park.How many splash hits did Barry Bonds hit at Oracle Park during his time ...
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