Lily Campbell
Publisher: Tokyo House
Pages: 75

She tried to leave her past behind. But murder followed her home.Tired of the drama and office politics in the FBI, seasoned detective Brenda vows to leave her work behind and set up a quiet job as a private investigator in her hometown. She’s excited to reconnect with her sister Maria and get away from hunting serial killers and drug lords.But when Maria is found brutally murdered in her home, Brenda is soon thrown head-first into an emotionally-charged investigation which she can’t bear to be a part of. Convinced by the local sheriff to become his partner, they begin trying to untangle the web of clues which link Maria to her killer… and Brenda soon realizes that this case is unlike anything she’s ever seen before.With her suspects missing and evidence mysteriously disappearing, Brenda must put all of her wits to the test if she wants to bring the murderer to justice and expose the ...
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