Mateus Gomes Ribeiro
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 31

Have you tried to learn the grammar of the Brazilian Portuguese language, but for some reason stopped halfway?Maybe you found it tiring because it's a lot to study, isn't it?There is a lot of content out there talking about Brazilian grammar, but it's hard to find a way to fix the content on your head.Therefore, in this edition made exclusively for English-speaking foreigners, we emphasize the following proposals:- to put everything about grammar in a single material;- to facilitate the understanding of the grammar of the Brazilian Portuguese language with schemes and mental maps;- to prioritize the most relevant content;- less texts and more schematic drawings with key concepts;- division of content by chapters and topics.It is a relatively small material, but of great validity for learning.Our material has been translated into English, but the schemes and examples are in both English ...
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