LI Tchaikov
Publisher: LiT Publications (
Pages: 723

Review from Good Reads:"Our Lit is a mind bending story featuring a unique world and society.It takes the readers out of their comfort zone, suddenly everything becomes a little bit unfamiliar. The story is filled with uncommon names and places, which makes this whole world more futuristic.I really enjoyed the story itself and the discussions between the characters.I recommend this book for the lovers of epic stories."Prologue and excerpt from Chapter 1.Prologue123,052 A.D.“Terra Aurora is an ancient, scientifically advanced, and highly magical civilization. Each morning as we ignite our skin becomes lit with our own uniquely colored light. And in your light, I see hope!” roared the elderly Golden King Vizan, his glowing skin blindingly vivid.His army shone even brighter as it hovered in spectrum formation above the vast jungles at the base of the Sky Cliffs.“We’ve lost the jungle to ...
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