Kevin J. Keating
Publisher: Literati Publishing
Pages: 31

Taylor Olivia has a favorite place. It happens to be smack dab in between her parents. Wherever they are. Wherever they go. Whether it’s out to dinner, on a walk or time for bed, Taylor Olivia finds a way to land in between. She is the Queen of In Between. It's the place she always wants to be. And come to think of it, right in the middle, smack dab in between feels just right for her parents too. This story is especially fun for new parents who find their alone time now has a third wheel - in the form of Taylor Olivia - the Queen of In Between. It's a story about how kids change lives for parents, but in a good way. It's about embracing those moments when your kids are young, carefree, and full of wonder. It reminds us to savor those times in between, those times when they are always in the middle of everything. Those times are fleeting. It's why in the end, right in the middle, smack ...
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