Sky McCoy
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 166

Tony:"How can I explain this? There’s really no explanation for the way I feel. It’s beyond me. Maybe it happened on my last tour of duty, where I was wounded in the leg, spent months in the VA hospital with nothing but therapy, and reading love letters to pass the time, or to keep me sane.The letters weren’t from my wife, but an admirer. I hadn’t heard from my wife in months. I think her last note informed me that she’d moved on, taking our dog with her, and was filing for a divorce. I guess she couldn’t handle a damaged man without a job, with little or no income, and coming home. Now it was time for me to accept that I was a broken man. I’d lost my identity, because I was a soldier, a leader of men, and all I had now were these few love letters from a strange woman to give me comfort.Could this woman be as broken as I was? What would it take to make me whole—two broken pieces coming ...
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