Catherine Tramell
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 38

 I could not resist it! "Her touch, her kisses, and her stares - they all convince me to submit to my desire. My head was dizzy with confusion, but my heart was determined to break out."A small-town girl…A promising fashion designer…And the world filled with passion…Tamara Simons had landed her dream job as an international fashion model. The designer clothes, the spotlights, and the wild parties of fashion weeks were within her reach. But her new world was about to awaken her true personality.All because of Sam Rinaldi.The promising fashion designer was not only welcoming Tamara to the world of fashion, but to her dreaded world of bisexuality. The two worlds are in conflict, and Tamara would have to choose between them.Will she choose to let go of her reluctance and embrace her bisexuality? Or would she choose to save her blooming career and turn her back to a springing new love?This ...
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