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Tahir, fresh out of a break up... all he wants to do is live life, excel in his career as a Firefighter and travel. What he didn't expect was for his heart to have other plans. He becomes attracted to a young lady he keeps seeing in passing. Figuring if he saw her again, he'd go against his initial "stay single thoughts" and approach her if granted the opportunity. Dynver Dae Davis had sworn off of relationships for the past two years after a nasty break up. She however, is approaching her 30th birthday and finally decides it's time to hopefully be sent in the path of Mr. Right.For the past two years, she'd only busied herself with work, community service with her sorors, and passport stamping.It was time to stop investing in batteries, and prepare for more substance in her life.Find out what happens, when Tahir and Dynver cross paths.
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