Lisa MacAllen
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 188

Do you frequently Overthink, feeling tired all the time and ending your day Exhausted? If yes, this is the book you are looking for! Every day is an opportunity for you to start fresh and make changes in your life. But sometimes, overthinking hinders our ways to happiness. Moreover, thinking about something in endless circles is exhausting. This book addresses where overthinking comes from and why it occurs while providing helpful solutions in many aspects of your life, including relationships and life purpose.You'll learn how to break the practice of overthinking and overdoing by understanding the busy bee paradox.The thoughts can be powerful and real, but these may affect how we perceive the outside world. Most of our beliefs are under our subconscious mind's control; however, there are ways you can examine some of your thoughts. Authors Lisa MacAllen & Bob Lipton share backgrounds in ...
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