Wofford Lee Jones
Publisher: Wofford Lee Jones
Pages: 323

There are many paths in life we all travel. Some lead us into the light, but others lead us down an ever-dimming pathway into darkness. Take a walk with me, if you dare, down a winding trail in the woods – and perhaps we might stray off the track along the way. In Off the Beaten Path, you’ll join a couple on their hike and soon find that one of them is hiding a terrible truth—and is willing to go to horrific lengths to keep it that way. In Stranded, you will cross paths with a man who can’t quite rid himself of an itch he has developed. Frostbite allows you access into a strip club at the edge of the woods, where two patrons find out first-hand one stripper’s deep, dark secret. In Ten-Penny Nailed, you’ll wander deep into the forest, where one high school student has devised a plan to stand up to the school bully. Walk along the desolate sands of a moonlit beach in The Scuttling with ...
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