R. A. Steffan
ASIN: B08NC6S242
Publisher: OtherLove Publishing, LLC
Pages: 251

There's an unconscious Fae drooling on Len's couch.That's not even the weirdest thing to happen to him this week.Len's been told that not all Fae are scheming, manipulative pricks. A moot point, since this one definitely is—he knows that much from bitter experience.So, when his vampire ex-coworker dumps Albigard of the Unseelie on Len's doorstep, he gives her two hours to find a better hiding place for the Fae fugitive before tossing him straight to the curb with the rest of the garbage.He should have known better, of course. Because if there's one thing Len's learned since being thrown into the deep end of the seedy paranormal underworld, it's that nothing is ever so simple.Now he's on the run from a cataclysmic primal force trying to tear its way into the human realm, stuck with a charismatic bastard who already knows way too much about the inside of Len's messed-up head. The first ...
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