Jennifer Hagan
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 125

Artemis O'Brien doesn't lead the most exciting life. She's professionally successful, but her social life is greatly lacking, and her love life is completely nonexistent. With her mid-thirties quickly approaching, she's starting to realize that if she doesn't make some changes soon, she is probably going to end up forever alone. It's not that she doesn't want to change, she just finds it difficult to do so due to all of her anxieties, and a total lack of self confidence. Artemis hasn't had the best of luck in previous relationships, but all of that changes when she meets Jacob Morgan, and falls in love with him deeper than she ever realized was possible. Their relationship was seemingly perfect, until Jacob receives a message from someone in his past, a message containing six little words that have the ability to destroy everything they have built together. Through the seasons Artemis ...
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