Alice Kirks
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 458

Lady Abigail Price is a hopelessly romantic soul and has always been dreaming of marrying her fairytale prince. When her parents announce that her marriage choice has been made already, she finds herself thrown into deep sorrow. However, her luck is about to change the fateful night he will meet her intendant unbeknownst his identity. Abigail is immediately drawn to him and when she discovers his name, a moment of happy bliss overflows her heart. However, her joy is quickly shattered when a great scandal that shames the Price name will cancel the betrothal and tear the couple apart. Will Abigail find the strength to defy everything and choose love over propriety? Or will she be doomed to live a loveless life?Clark Monroe, Marquess of Penrith, has been doing everything in his power to avoid a future as the Duke of Rochester. The person he doesn't want to cross paths with the most, is no ...
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