Elaine Shields
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 397

Emma Jones is a strong-willed teacher who left her old life behind to follow her dreams of opening a school. Even though Emma wants to start a family too, she won't settle down for anything less than a fairytale love. Little does she know the sudden turn her life is about to take, when she meets the charming Colt. After spending some time together, she quickly realizes that he's the man she has always wished for. Despite her efforts to defy her strong feelings, Emma becomes painfully aware of Colt's troubles and does everything in her power to save his aching heart. Suddenly, tragedy strikes and harsh reality forces her to move away from him... Utterly unprepared for the challenges that are about to follow, will she manage to get the one thing she always hoped for, despite the troubling circumstances?Colt is left heartbroken after finding out that the woman he was courting chose his ...
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4.5 stars from 56 ratings
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