Grace McEwan
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 383

Would you trade just a few minutes a day to become a more confident woman? All you need to build your self-esteem is a tiny, daily communion with God. This daily devotional makes it easy to become the woman you have always wanted to be. Face your fears and doubts and overcome negative feelings now with this inspired book.In just a few days of reading you will see yourself begin to change.Your doubts will fade, your outlook will brighten, and you will feel lighter in your daily life.What you will discover:How to develop your own self-worth by considering the words of God.The secrets to moving through life with confidence and passion, safe in the knowledge that He loves you.The elusive messages that will help you overcome obstacles and move forward with your hopes and dreams.You will also learn:The Bible Verses that can help you avoid guilt.New ways to look at your challenges through more ...
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