Nadia Nightside
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 34

“Please? I don’t care who else knows. Just make me yours. Please?”I shouldn't be in love with my boss. And I definitely shouldn't be obsessed with his thick, huge member to the point where I want to steal him away from his wife. And I definitely shouldn't be so obsessed with pleasing him that I'm willing to transform his wife into a brainless, drooling, servile, fertile, beautiful, overflowing-cups-having, baby-hungry bimbo who needs to have sex constantly. But you don't get to choose who you love, and you don't get to choose how love takes a hold of you. I can't help it if I'm a super-hot, mega-sexy never-had-a-first-time mad scientist...but I can make a bimbo pill to turn this whole isolated facility into the gorgeous, fertile, kneeling, obedient harem for the man of my dreams if I have to!WARNING: This ultra-hot story features completely unrealistic depictions of bimbofication ...
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