Amanda Carlson
Publisher: ACI Books
Pages: 204

"A completely satisfying romp into the future, full of Carlson's creative world-building, inventive tech, engaging characters, and laugh out loud prose. My kind of read." ~ Julie Ann Walker, NYT Bestselling author CIU Agent Mina Kane has her lamella gloves full in the year 2105.Mina Kane has been on assignment undercover for eighteen insufferable months trying to box up a sticky-fingered hacker. She's eager for this op to be finished—not only because the boredom of telework is literally draining the life out of her, but she's desperate to be rid of the fresh-faced rookie. Agent Adams is driving her straight into the stratosphere with his wide-eyed enthusiasm and lack of sufficient training.Luckily for Mina, her next case is a solo classified. Someone at Total Enhancement Pet Center, where pet owners pay for their furbabies to be pampered, is using their access to attach encrypted data ...
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