Jennifer M. Eaton
Publisher: Galactic Razor
Pages: 353

In outer space, there is no right or wrong...unless you get caught. Cal commandeers a smuggling vessel to escape a death sentence for a crime he didn't commit. When a beautiful galactic law enforcer lands far too close, Cal’s new crew kidnaps her hoping they can prove his innocence. Hey, what could go wrong? Dania, a powerful mage enforcer, is on a mission to eliminate a human trafficking ring. When a small team of criminal buffoons grabs her instead, she’s honor bound to exterminate them despite their pleas of innocence. The Star Renegade crew is guilty and must be punished for their crimes. However, they use their smuggling profits to feed the hungry. Dania will face her own execution for not enforcing royal edicts, but how can she execute people breaking the law for all the right reasons?Star Renegades is Guardians of the Galaxy meets The Expanse, Firefly, and Robin Hood.Jump on ...
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