Merick N.H. Ulrik
ASIN: B08P898LV2
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 67

Vandryn of house Glenclare faces insurmountable odds fighting against the corrupt Melborians. He will rely on an unexpected friendship with an elf named Zan Cadeyn Umbaden and his alluring sister Zylla. Together they will face the will of the Blood Queen, empress Ash Axana and a treacherous plot of a beautiful young blood mage named Liliath.This series is Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery Mild Dark Fantasy with some adult situations.What Readers Are Saying:"Well done! I look forward to reading more by this author.Characters are clear and engaging. The story hooks you and keeps you." ###"The start of a friendship between a human youth and a half-elf. Having met as young children they become close friends giving Vandryn a glimpse into the world of elves denied to others. Betrayal destroys the idyllic life everyone has become accustomed to leaving Vandryn to protect his family and village ...
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