Hicham and Mohamed Ibnalkadi
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 61

Ertuğrul Gazi●Legends never die. They live in the memories of generations to come. They keep on motivating the younger generations to go beyond possible. One such legend that remains in the mind of people to this date is Ertuğrul Gazi. He was the one remembered for initiating the Ottoman traditions.●He was the son of Suleyman Shah, the leader of the Kayi tribe, of the Oghuz Turks, who fled from western Central Asia to Anatolia to prevent themselves from the aggression of the Mongol conquests. Post his father's death, Ertuğrul and his followers went to the service of the Sultanate of Rum. There, he was honoured with dominion over the town of Söğüt on the frontier with the Byzantine Empire. It started the chain of events that had ultimately led to the founding of the Ottoman Empire.●Historically, nothing is known with certainty. But after analyzing the stories, written about Ertugrul ...
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