Seth Rain
Publisher: Human Fiction
Pages: 272

It is 2118, and the Postman, a second-generation android who delivers bad things to bad androids, is one delivery away from retirement. What could go wrong...?A mysterious thug called Stig forces the Postman to deliver one last package. Not such a big deal ... until the Postman discovers the package is a human woman, who like human men, androids expelled from the city years ago. The price for being found with a human? Deletion…Caught between an underground mafia called The Brotherhood and Cardinal’s state-sponsored corporation, Fr.e.dom, the Postman doesn’t stand a chance.That is until he discovers the spectrum…Explore the first novel in a complete, brand-new, fast-paced and immersive cyberpunk series in which androids, rebellious humans, hover-bikes and drone-shuttles roam neon-lit city streets.
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