Bukky Ekine-Ogunlana
Publisher: T.C.E.C Publishers UK
Pages: 97

Decode Your Teenager: Discover Secret Parenting Skills for Raising Happy Teens Without Power Struggles. Do you remember what it was like being a teenager? The awkwardness, the drama… not to mention hormonal mood swings and confusing physical changes. In many aspects, being a teenager is harder than being an adult. It is that weird, transitional period of life when you’re supposed to take on a lot of grown-up responsibilities, without really being a grown-up yourself. And yet, there’s only one thing more challenging than being a teenager: being a parent of one. A lot of parents claim they would happily go back to the sleepless newborn phase and toddler tantrums rather than trying to navigate the perpetual moodiness and drama of puberty. According to a 2004 Parent-Teen Relationships study, early adolescence often triggers family disruption that usually manifests through verbal conflicts ...
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