Luce Dark
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 53

Her knight in shining armor...or devil in disguise?When Lalia, kept in isolation, is rescued by a warrior prince, she jumps from the frying pan into the fire. Her "savior" is a cruelly ruthless royal - and dangerously seductive.AredI find her climbing a tree, naked, living in shockingly primitive conditions.She's wild, skittish, and insatiable. An evil man had made her wanton with unethical devices. He'd ruined her for polite society, utterly destroying her chances at a normal lady's life. He deserves to pay.That's my job. I decide justice. I am royal. Untouchable. Wherever I go, I take what I want. And I want her. Lalia. The ideal bedmate for a royal in my unique position.In gratitude for freeing her from her captivity, she gifts me with herself.She assumes I will train her to become a civilized not precisely what I have in mind.Note from Luce:Welcome to the first ...
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