Jill McGuire
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 108

The poorly fitting crown and my concern that it didn’t feel right seemed to be frustrating the doctor. When he left the room, his dental assistant whispered in my ear, “He’s very angry.” While trying to make the oversized crown fit, that wasn’t necessary in the first place, an adjustment was made to the wrong tooth. I left his office in a cascade of pain covering my face and jaw. You won’t believe the series of events that followed. This book roadmaps a journey of healing from a difficult TMJ situation including excruciating jaw pain, tongue issues, and more. It’s an easy-to-read true account offering hope and inspiration to “Never give up.” The 12 Lessons learned is wisdom others can benefit from whether they have TMJ or not, beginning with “Don’t fix what isn’t broken.”
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5 stars from 28 ratings
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