Austin Grayson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 316

After almost a year of riding with the dreaded Wagner gang, John Singer decides that he wants to settle down and start a new life. When he gets seriously injured and the gang takes him for dead, he is convinced that this is the opportunity to escape from them once and for all. He has no idea though that the notorious criminals will find out he is alive and they will be thirsty for revenge for his shameful betrayal. Is John going to be prepared for the greatest battle of his life? Will he manage to enjoy a quiet and ordinary life and finally leave his troubled history behind?While John is barely escaping death, a kind woman named Maude finds him and nurses him back to health. From that point on, John believes that luck is finally smiling at him. His life in the small town of Custer becomes even better when he finds a new job and realizes that there is a spark between him and the woman ...
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