Nitya Satyani
ASIN: B08Q8HC677
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 89

Because every perfect sunset leaves me with gypsy thoughts suspended in mid-air, with no destination, no place to go...until I finally find them a home. The Sunset Effect is my personal space, a compilation of random musings, where I ponder about things happening in the world, why life unfolds in the way that it does, and how we can cope best. Self help, non fiction, life hacks, poetry, quotes, I can attempt to label this if I must, but just as with the real world, I try not to. My only hope is for my words to be somebody's 2am friend, to provide consolation as they do for me. In those moments of despair and darkness, when you have only yourself to fall back on, when you must find your own silver lining, I pray this book is the friend you need, holding your hand and letting you know that no matter what you are going through, someone somewhere is going through the same. You are not ...
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