Langley Gray
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 166

Winnie Whitman is a billionaire philanthropist who’s too busy to find love… until she meets Zane Rogers.Winnie grew up in fortune and infamy and is anxious to break away from her family’s dirty money. She’s single-minded in her goal to develop a name for herself without any help from her family connections, until one rainy night she bumps into a handsome stranger catching a cab.But how will they find one another again?Her friends hatch a plan to remedy the missed connection, but the strangers will need more than just meddling friends to find their way back to one another. Fate works its magic, but will Winnie have any idea what to do when love comes her way? And will the stranger on the street distract her from her dreams, or will he turn out to be more than just a pair of pretty eyes?This standalone book is the first in The Socialites series. Follow along with the media dubbed ...
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