Dale E. Manolakas
Publisher: Kallias Publishing
Pages: 259

NEW RELEASE ~ Jaska Yermakov is the Russian. Feared by America’s power elite, he blackmails, murders, and corrupts until a few courageous detectives, judges, and prosecutors risk a treacherous and uncertain criminal trial against the Russian mafia head. ✩ AMAZON AUTHOR REVIEWS: "Have read this author before. Truly gifted." "Put you into the courtroom." "… amazing trial …. This author has a particular talent for developing real life characters that you can't forget." "Where John Grisham offers one-dimensional cardboard replicas, Author Dale E. Manolakas delivers with fully-realized characters who explode off the page. Visceral. Sensual. Alive."
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4.5 stars from 8 ratings
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