Henry McConley
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 344

Reid is a bounty hunter who decided to pursue a life on the road after the love of his life, Amy, married another man. He was determined to chase violent outlaws and leave everything behind without ever expressing his love to her. Now, 10 years later, old memories come flooding back when he gets a letter from Amy, begging for his help. The current, self-declared Marshall has not only taken the life of Amy's husband but also, has been terrorizing and harassing the citizens for longer than they can count. Reid witnesses the corruption, and quickly finds himself embroiled in the beginning of a range war, battling the hired gunmen of the ruthless Marshall. Even though he takes it upon himself to right the injustice, can he defeat evil without losing his life, or is it time to give up his gun?Reid's reunion with Amy will make him realize that his love for her lives on, but he has one rule; ...
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4.5 stars from 81 ratings
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