Davin Bradley
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 90

Christian missionary Cord Dalton faces merciless cannibals, poisonous arrows, and the Amazon’s isolation in Brazil’s unmapped forest. Where all other outsiders have been murdered, Cord hopes to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with idolatrous tribes. His two decades in brazil has taught him the bush language and native culture, but it hasn’t prepared him for all it may cost him. And when victory seems so close, unexpected loss tears him from the work he’s given his life to do.Join Cord Dalton as he confronts knife-wielding warriors and the unforgivable rainforest in this prequel to the Lost Devotion Series. Follow him as he tolerates insects and animals, hunger and thirst for the sake of Jesus Christ. Shame and abandonment haunt him from the past, and persecution and death follow him in the present. After years of devotion, all may be lost in a moment of decision. The day has faded to ...
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