Claire Amarti
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 379

Dinah Spencer is back in her childhood home for one stressful weekend: the anniversary of her beloved father’s marriage to her stepmother, Mara. The relationship with Mara has never been an easy one, but Dinah's getting ready to put the past behind her - until her beloved father collapses in the middle of a strange anniversary speech.Now, Dinah and her younger sister Lottie struggle to keep thjeir family afloat in the wake of their father’s shocking diagnosis. But this family is fraying at the seams, and suddenly it seems like everyone has secrets. As an unexpected will surfaces, Lottie begins untangling the threads of her family's complicated past... including what might turn out to be the most explosive revelation of all: the long-buried secret of beautiful Bonnie Spencer, her father's first wife...Family secrets abound in this gripping, suspenseful, and ultimately uplifting ...
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