Tony Teora
Publisher: Alien Agenda Publishing
Pages: 272

"An engaging, mysterious, futuristic story and series launch."—Kirkus ReviewsWhat if a super advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer discovered an apocalyptic extinction event but computed that humanity wasn’t yet advanced enough to stop the event? How could, or would, it help mankind to evolve before that destruction occurs? Aeon Nous is an extraordinary individual who saves the world from such an event in 2047, but at what cost ?Move on to 2096:  Shu Franklin is a genius twelve-year-old boy who lives in a small Utopian town of Julian. Shu and his friends discover that their Utopian society is shrouded in dark secrets from the 2047 extinction event. They uncover a deadly secret about Aeon Nous. Will the truth set him free, or kill him and destroy Utopia?A war of the mind, soul and future of humanity starts in this highly acclaimed science fiction adventure! 
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