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Are you sick of your bulimia? Do you want to learn how to stop your compulsive behaviors once and for all? If YES is your answer, fantastic, then Bulimia Sucks! is exactly what you've been looking for. In this eating disorders book, Kate will show you the same way she helps her clients begin their recovery with the Bulimia Sucks! Program. Taking you from sick to freedom!Personally suffering 15 years of horrific bulimic and anorexic experiences you're going through, and now 25 years entirely free from anorexia and bulimia. Thanks to various therapist's help, Kate decided that she would like to help others. So, 21 years ago, she trained as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and NLP practitioner. Kate then continued to train in many other therapy areas, one being an eating disorder therapist. Helping clients overcome their bulimia completely, and this is what she'll be teaching you.You may ...
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