Anne Rainey
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 76

He’s watched her. Ached for her. Now he’ll have her. Mac grew up on the streets and knows all about the ugly side of human nature. Sweet was never in the cards for him. Alyssa thinks he’s a hero. A good guy. And that’s exactly why Mac swears to keep his hands off. She’s his best friend’s baby sister and he doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as her. But when their paths unexpectedly collide and Mac sees the black eye marring Alyssa’s delicate face, every protective instinct kicks in. He might not have wanted to play her hero, but shit happens. Now, she’ll belong to him and he’ll break anyone who dares to touch her.Alyssa has loved bad-boy Mac Braden since the ninth grade. So of course he avoids her like the freaking plague. When Alyssa’s abusive ex-boyfriend decides to use her as a punching bag Mac comes to her rescue. He’s gentle and attentive as he nurses her back to health. For ...
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